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cropland and grassland processing
grain lifters, straw chaff cutters and humidity meassuring tools
harrow teeth
tiller blades and tiller blade screws
cultivator teeth & accessories
manure pieces
expendable parts for grubbers
rotary harrow teeth & scrapers
rotary tedder teeth
axes, wedges, etc.
oil, canisters, etc.
grinders, files and accessories
grinding chains & other items
house & yard
clothing and safety at work
stirrup screws and four-wire connectors
brooms, shovels, forks, etc.
diesel pumps
other tools
Gedore tools (complete programme!)
lifting and lashing
small parts and other items
tractor, vehicle and add-on parts
everything for the platform gate
grease presses and accessories
front-end loader accessories
hydraulics, patches and others
upper links and accessories
everything around the wheel
rotating flashing beacons, working place light fixtures and vehicle electronics
pasture management
isolators and fence connections
cords & pickets
other items